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GRAFF*ETCH Hair Patter Pencils



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Quality Pencils Inc. Graffatch crayon a cheuveux. Graff*etch hair pattern pencils were specifically designed for tagging, tracing and filling in barber etchings with bold, bright colors. Etchings and graphic designing has been around for years but is just now become main stream. Created for newly shaved sensitive skin. They're not your ordinary pencils. Specially formulated to apply on tender scalp and in the hair. Use these pencils to pre-draw your designs before etching them out. Fill in hair lines, beards nd create sharp angles with these pencils. Color in designs such as stars, hearts, lighting bolts, geometric designs and graffiti.Built in sharpener on all pencils caps. long lasting. washes out with shampoo or cleanser. Fragrance free, non-allergenic, Paraben and petrolium free.

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